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Molded-In Fender Flare Set

I wanted a good off road look to the Maverick Tremor so I added the Air Design Fender Flares. They can be painted but I like the look of the flares matching with the lower rocker moldings.



Body Colored Cab Spoiler

I've seen several people get a cab spoiler and I thought it would look good on the Maverick. The spoiler from Air Design is paintable so I wanted it to match with the cab.



Carbonized Gray Fender Vent Set

Air Design picked me to show off the new Maverick Fender Vent that would be coming out for the 2024 model year but work on the 2022-2024 Ford Maverick. It comes black molded in color like their other Maverick body pieces but able to be painted. So I painted it Carbonized Gray to match the wheels and Tremor theme.



Body Colored Hood Scoop

To give the Maverick an off road look I added a hood scoop. This is also paintable so I had it painted body color to be less bold than leaving it black.



Body Colored Grille Accent

I thought it would look good to paint the grille so I had our body shop match the body color, Avalanche Gray. I think it turned out great.


"FordVideoGuy" Custom Door Sills

I found this door sill plates that can be customized so I thought why not let people know whose Maverick it is.



B Pillar Vinyl Wraps (REMOVED)

I was chatting with our Long McArthur YouTube members and they told me that the pillars is just a vinyl wrapped. So I decided I would try to remove it. Watch the video below to see how easy or hard it is.

Removal Video:

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